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We're going to buy a mansion

I like going out in my hum vee

Otto Mattik, Nikki Holiday, Julius Seizure
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This community is for the super sexy wonder boys of The Prima Donnas. Three orphans from Sussex, U fucking K who came to America playing only synthesizers because the ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughn told them to.

Originally formed as a skiffle band under the guidance of Father Heathcliff, they played at all the Abbeys where an agent discovered them. Quickly becoming forgotten child stars they fell into a trap of controversy and drugs. The British government grew tired of their antics and exiled Julius Seizure from the country. Otto and Nikki, not wanting to leave Julius alone, opted to go with him. Thanks to their antics they had made some horrible American enemies and were placed under the witness protection plan. They chose to go Austin and that's where the dollars and synth begin to come in.

Their synth-punk quickly grew over the masses in Austin, Texas and became one of the coolest bands on the scene thanks to their bratty attitude and music made for people to fuck to.

This band hands down kicks ass and always will as long their legacy of their "I'm not taking your shit, you damn yankee" attitude continues to live on.

"Quite simply, they are their name--primadonnas who require a lot of supervision," explains Jim Kieke, The Prima Donnas' manager. "The other day one of The Prima Donnas phoned me up and wanted a whole bunch of things, and I told him 'You can't always get what you want.' And he yelled back at me 'We're not the Rolling Stones. We always get what we want.'"
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